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We have hundreds of TaxiMATE Executive/Lite installations. Here are some of the comments our users have made about SoftSol Limited and our products:' ...


We have used TaxiMATE Executive since October 2000. We looked at a variety of different systems but found the functionality, intuitiveness and user friendliness of TaxiMATE Executive to best the best fit for Club Class; along with the friendly and approachable attitude of the Softsol staff completes the whole package. We have acquired 2 more companies since October 2000 and installed TaxiMATE Executive in both these operations. TaxiMATE has absolutely been the best investment we have ever made in any area of our business!.

Jonathan Dow, Managing Director, Club Class


We were very sceptical about purchasing the TaxiMATE software , as we did not think that the software was right for us. To say that we were surprised with the results would be an understatement. It cut our office labour hours by 40 – 50% within a week of using it. We are still measuring the impact this had on our business years later. It is very easy to use and is exactly what our business had been lacking. I can`t say enough about the TaxiMATE Software Package. The program is fantastic - almost no problems at all - and when I do have a problem or question, the support is second to none.

John Willis-Gray, Managing Director, Travelmasters Brighton Ltd


We at Norfolk Taxi Network Ltd (Breckland Travel) have been using the TaxiMATE Executive software for approximately 4 years. We use it for both bookings and the invoicing side of the system with the invoices linked to our Sage accounting. We can only say that the service received from the guys at SoftSol have been second to none as this was my third computerised system that I tried I know how important after sales service is. I have also installed the system in my second office which looks after the internet booking side of the business under Norfolk Taxis with great success with the SMS dispatch and Remote Booker service. I could not recommend this company highly enough.

David C Hixson, Managing Director., Mid Norfolk Enterprises Ltd


Our corporate clients demand and receive immediate email responses to booking confirmations with any changes again immediately acknowledged and re-confirmed by email. They have absolute confidence in the system and that "WHAT WE SAY IS WHAT WE DO", Because TaxiMATE Executive fully integrated invoices are sent, again via email, which benefits the Company cash flow. With the initial presentation of our Company image by TaxiMATE Executive, our customers know they are dealing with a truly professional service provider. TaxiMATE Executive has no doubt aided our continuous year on year growth and profitability.

Adrian Rennie, Managing Director, Wessex Cars UK Ltd


TaxiMATE Executive is the heart of our Executive Chauffeuring Company. The system helps to have an organized and well running business, and it gives me communication with all drivers and makes end of month accounts a pleasure now. We used to run on two office staff and mounds of paper work everywhere. TaxiMATE Executive has reduced this to one office staff and more than halved the paper work. TaxiMATE Executive has allowed our Company to move forward smoothly.

Jane Davis, GR Cars Ltd


Since utilizing the Softsol Taximate system, we have found that we operate much more efficiently. This not only benefits ourselves, but also our clients. This in turn results in more referred business. Taximate is simplicity itself to use. The back up we get is excellent, a solution to a problem no more than a phone call away. We would thoroughly recommend Taximate to anyone operating a Taxi/Private Hire Business.

George Burgum, County Cars, Dorset

TaxiMATE Executive has been a great asset to the running of our company. From an enquiry to job distributing right through to invoicing, Taximate Executive works extremely well.

Martin Theodore, Director, Greys of London Ltd


Taximate Executive has been a key element in establishing our chauffeur drive business in the marketplace. The system is an efficient tool in the booking and billing process and provides the flexibility to enable us to meet the specific demands and needs of our customers.

Russell Jones, Director, Total Transportation


I am pleased to say, having only had TaxiMATE Executive installed for one month, I am beginning to see the benefits already. I now have a more secure allocation system, an accurate booking and controlling operation and now I find that the accounting side will cut my work and hours spent on it by half. Does it also make tea ???

Hugh Lateo, Simply Courteous


Before we had Taximate, our system then only operated from the completed job stage. All reseverations and vehicle allocations were logged manually. Taximate offered us an extension to this system which, in addition to offering us a fully computerised facility from the point of reservation, it also had a number of add-on facilities like automatic flight arrival data, which we find invaluable, our daily job tally is quiet low because of the unit distance involved in each job, therefore we do not use all the inbuilt Taximate features. However for a company with a large job tally, the system will then come into its own and in our opinion would be unrivalled in its field.

Brian Dilnot, Director, Crest Cars


As a small operator in the London area TaxiMATE without a doubt has streamlined my business and made everything from bookings to invoicing less work and hassle free! It also has reduced my postal costs i.e. confirmations and invoicing to a minimum due to the email facility TaxiMATE offers. Customer care from SoftSol has been excellent from first enquiry (2000) to present day. Keep up the good work!

Ken Hughes, Airport Passenger Travel


I would like to thank SoftSol for your help in the transformation from organised chaos to organised full stop. I used to run my booking system with pieces of paper cut up to the size of a credit card & on these pieces of paper would be as much information as I could possibly get, it made things difficult if you had scribbled the booking down quickly & then tried to read your own writing or lost the ticket, it especially makes my life easier as the job can be invoiced at the click of a button, now I am on your TaxiMATE Executive system the company has been transformed. The improvements are endless, some of the best bits for me are: 1.) The instant e-mail booking confirmations you can send to clients the customers can almost get there copy while you are still on the phone. I run minibuses & I have secretaries that prefer to use my 8 seat bus rather than taxis because they get an instant confirmation or quote direct to there computer screen & they forward the confirmation onto the person who is using the vehicle all at the click of a button. 2.) The e-mailing of invoices are great as well as the direct contact gets the invoice straight away signs it off & forwards it to there accounts department for payment, the old way meant the payments took longer & numerous times invoices were lost which delayed payment. 3.) The despatch system to driver’s mobiles is a great way of giving the driver information directly without having to speak to them while they are driving or to risk them trying to remember the details. 4.) The Mapping system is great as well as it works the mileage out instantly to help you give a price quickly which helps to fill your customer with confidence. The improvements for my company are too many to list, so a big thanks to you Dave & Mark.

Vincent Duff, Proprietor, First Choice Minibus Service

TaxiMate Executive has Enhanced our business by making the booking and dispatching of work to our drivers quick and easy. Accounts are easier to deal with at the end of the month as the invoicing system is easy to use. Its a fantastic system.

Becky, Cameo Cars Ltd


Further to purchasing Softsol in June 06 - operating our business has been so much easier, I have been able to minimise administration costs and reduce staffing levels. Customers have been impressed by the ease of bookings and the invoicing procedure. I confirm 90% of my bookings back via e mail, and invoicing is completed in the same way, I have saved so much - in time - on paperwork - and stamps! All my drivers now have their bookings dispatched straight to them, so there is no miss-communication. From the driver’s invoices, drivers are able to see clearly how much they have earned in account and cash fares, at the end of each week. The efficiency of the package, coupled with its ability to stop simple mistakes happening, ie sending a driver in the wrong sized vehicle, or the flight details being incorrect - really makes our company stand out from the rest. The package is very user friendly, and appears to be written for a taxi company by a taxi operator – instead of a computer company for a computer nerd!!!!

Mandy Coles, Managing Director of J & J Coles Private Hire


Taximate has improved the efficiency of our operation in the dispatch of our vehicles, and has cut down the invoicing time by half. The email invoicing facility is great.

Graham Coate, Managing Director, First Class Cars – Luton


I ran my records on Excel it was difficult to track and trace ‘who had done what for whom’. Since switching to TaxiMATE Executive the whole invoicing thing at the end of each month is much easier.

Stan Gillingham, Managing Director, Scorpio Chauffeur Cars Ltd


We have had the pleasure of using TaxiMATE Executive for 3 years. Its plays a vital part in day to day running of our company and can covalently say that it was the best investment made. TaxiMATE Executive has helped make our business run smother and more efficient. I believe that Softsol and its team are working hard towards proving the best service and product in its industry and have no hesitation in recommend them and their services.

David Ramos, Managing Director, Limo Plus International Ltd


The TaxiMATE Executive system has proved a valuable asset to our business and freed up our valuable time resources to concentrate on other matters. Its ease of use both for staff and customers has been well received and when it comes to invoicing there is no comparison to our previous time consuming method, it’s more accurate and extras can’t be overlooked. With the sage export package the accounting procedures are fast efficient and accurate The drivers invoicing system that produces accurate reports it is easy to reimburse drivers, there is no comparison , TaxiMATE Executive is a blessing, no disputes. The confirmation method for passenger, bookers and drivers eliminates mistakes and reflects that they are dealing with a professional company. Thanks to TaxiMATE Executive and its reporting system when inspections are conducted, TaxiMATE Executive makes it simple to have all the details at your fingertips, more importantly keeping a stringent control of current documentation up to date, thus avoiding issue with the regulators.

Stewart Crowther, Proprietor, Kingsbridge Chauffeur Services